I took a metal's class in college from a friend and was hooked. I have been slowly building on those skills ever since.

I find myself inspired by splashes and combinations of color. The added depth that a brightly colored
ring or necklace can bring to an outfit puts a smile on my face. This inspiration has manifested itself
in various jewelry designs consisting of resin and assorted forms of glass and vintage buttons.

A lot of times the excitement lies in the process of taking an object such as a marble or piece of stained
glass that had an intended purpose in its original form and creating a framework for it that transforms
it into something entirely different. The result is a sort of candy for the eyes. Each piece is hand crafted
and one of a kind comprised of sterling silver, copper, resin, vintage marbles, glass or vintage buttons.

Currently I have Jewelry for sale in the Gallery at Lillstreet Art Center at 4401 North Ravenswood Chicago IL.